Saturday, February 2, 2008

Bert Green Fine Art - February 2008

Bert Green Fine Art presents three solo sculpture shows. The exhibition runs through through March 1, 2008. This is Bert Green's first all-sculpture exhibition, and the show has been extended an extra week.

David Hollen

David Grant

Laurie Hassold

David Grant works with metal armatures, wrapped in fabric, which reach into space, and mimic natural forms and organic structures. Laurie Hassold fuses found objects with clay in a seamless fashion which also implies an organic structure, but upon closer inspection take on a disquieting aspect. Nature would not have created these forms, yet they seem to exist and demand our respect. David Hollen works metal, wood and ceramic into alchemic, narrative architectures. These sculptures involve mathematically precise construction, but exude a playful stance.

Gallery Hours: Tuesday through Saturday
12 - 6 pm, and Thursday 12 - 9 pm
Open Thursday, February 14, 12 - 9 pm

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Bert Green Fine Art
102 West 5th St., Los Angeles, CA 90013

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